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Why Have Corporate Event Magic?

Posted By: Stephen James

So you have a staff party or client event coming up. Why on earth would you want to have a magician entertaining everyone? Here are 5 reasons why you should book a magician for your corporate event:

1) Your Boss Will Love You

So when you suggest to your boss the idea of a magician, he or she may laugh at you or give a concerned stare. This is very common, lots of people have seen rubbish magic and expect someone to turn up pulling rabbits out of hats while wearing a cape. Don't worry, once at an event I very quickly change these misconceptions. Once the boss hears staff laughing, clapping and cheering they will wonder what's going on. When multiple staff members walk up to them talking about how good the magic they will want to know more. Then finally when I meet your boss and blow them away by making their wedding ring disappear (I'll give it back!), or reading their mind, they will then love the fact you booked a magician.

2) Bringing People Out Of Their Shells

Office teams often have a contrasting mix of introverts and extroverts working together, on top of that you often have clients and spouses added to the mix at events. Having close-up magic performed is a great way to bring people together and out of their shells as they experience the impossible happen together.

3) Improving Client Connections

Your clients probably get invited to lots of events. And the most important thing is that they remember your event as standing head and shoulders above the others. Your clients experiencing magic happen can greatly contribute towards this. I can even prioritise your VIP guests when I perform.

4) Office Buzz In The Morning

An event organisers job is done if people are positively talking about it the next day. And this is all but guaranteed with magic. I regularly get people telling me that days after the event people are still discussing the magic and debating how they think the tricks were done.

5) It's Scaleable

Have an event with hundreds of people? No problem! If there are more people attending the event than I can perform to then I know lots of other amazing magicians that I can bring along. In fact, I have put many teams of magicians together for larger events where one wizard is simply not enough. Whatever magic needs you have, I can arrange it.

If you have an upcoming corporate event then I would absolutely LOVE to be part of it. To request a quote please click here.

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