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15 Event Ideas And Suggestions

Posted By: Stephen James

So you have an event coming up and are searching for ideas to make it amazing for you and your guests. Here are 15 ideas and suggestions...

1) Have A Theme

As a full time entertainer, a lot of the events I work at feel the same and very few are actually as unique as the planners think they are. The events that really stand out are those with a theme. I have performed at events with the themes of Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, 1920's Gangsters, Fraudsters, Gothic and Game Of Thrones to name a few. The guests don't necessarily have to be in fancy dress (but it's more fun if they are), but a theme can really set a great direction for the invite design, room decor, music and the entertainment selected.

2) Character Actors

There are agencies where you can hire character actors. Whether you want celebrity look-alikes or characters from TV and film. Having actors playing a role that fits the theme of the event can really add to the buzz as people arrive, are greeted and take a selfie with the characters to share on social media.

3) Mechanical Bull

I don't see this one that often, but when I do I know it is going to be a fun party. Imagine the spectacle of your guests watching each other try to ride a mechanical bull after a few drinks. It will certainly be spoken about the next day.

4) Casino Table

Not to be confused with real gambling (so no license required), each of the guests are given some fake money to gamble with at the casino tables. You can even have a prize for the person with the most fake money at the end. I know a few people who supply casino tables and professional croupiers, send me an email for recommendations.

5) Open Bar

If you are not on a tight budget then having a big tab on the bar will really encourage guests to let their hair down.

6) Bouncy Castle

If you have lots of kids at your event, and even if you don't! A bouncy castle can provide a bit of fun for everyone and create some great photo opportunities (especially for the bridal party at weddings).

7) The Right Date

The date of your event is a critical factor in ensuring your guests have a great time. Generally speaking, events held when guests are working the next day will have a more reserved vibe than those where people don't have to get up for work. If it's a corporate event then give you employees the next day off, if it's a wedding then best go for a Friday or Saturday.

8) The Right Location

Your guests will relax and enjoy the event more if the route to their bed is easy. People do not say it makes a difference, but subconsciously it does. So it is best to pick a venue where there are plenty of nearby hotels and good transport links. If there is no Uber in the area then beware!

9) Fire-breather

If you have a stage, or a big open area, then a fire-breather/performer is a great option. Just be sure the venue allows it and that you get someone who knows that they are doing (I can also recommend someone who supplies performers with this skill).

10) Photo Booth

This idea may seem a bit overdone, but event after event I see guests having a great time putting on silly hats at the photo booth and capturing fun pics of the evening. This idea still works.

11) Fireworks

Another fun idea that is not done often enough. Everyone loves a fireworks display and there are specialist companies that can supply this for your event. You can even have fireworks that are 'silent' with upbeat music being played in the background. If you want this then make sure you commit to the idea before you pick a venue as not all venues will allow this. An off course I know suppliers who I can recommend for you.

12) Chocolate Fountain

Forget the 2 tier chocolate fountains you buy from Argo, get a professional company in and you can have huge fountain of chocolate surrounded by brownies, donuts, fruits and other awesome things you can drown in chocolate and eat. A diabetics nightmare!

13) Singing Waiters

The key thing with singing waiters is that it has to be a surprise for the guests. Imagine that during the meal the singers pose as waiters, then at the end one of them gets a microphone and within 5 minutes the room has erupted into a full on show. With the waiters moving table-to-table getting everyone to sing. I have even seen this end with as huge conga line of guests dancing around the venue at the end of the meal.

14) Silent Disco

This idea only works with you have lots of extroverted guests. Rather than the usual disco, each guest is given some headphones to wear with some controls. Each guest can then select the music they personally want to dance to. It is quite a sight seeing a crowd of people on the dance floor all dancing to completely different songs.

15) Magician

This is a shameless plug for my services. When I perform the guests experience mind reading, being influenced and impossible things happen with cards, money, fire and items I have borrowed from them. This invariable leads to audible reactions such as cheering, screams (the good kind) and laughter. When guests start talking about the magic it creates a very positive atmosphere in the room and people get excited to see the magician perform.

If you would like me to entertain your guests with magic then I would absolutely LOVE to be part of the event. To request a quote please click here.

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