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Booking A Team Of Magicians

Posted By: Stephen James

Often my clients will have events where there are so many people attending that they need more than one close-up magician to get around everyone. In this scenario I can put together a team of amazing magicians. If you are looking for entertainment for a larger event then this FAQ blog post is for you.

Why Book A Team Of Magicians?

Most people don't appreciate what a magician can add to an event until they see it. Magician team gigs usually involve magicians performing table-to-table in between the courses. When I perform table-to-table I do things like pushing wine bottles through the table, setting fire to things and making people's money disappear (I give it back after!). This invariably leads to audible reactions such as cheering, screams (the good kind) and laughter. When guests hear these audible reactions from other tables it creates a very positive atmosphere in the room and people get excited waiting for one of the magicians to come to them. The magic becomes one of the talking points of the evening and you will get people coming up to you saying how good the magic was. Magicians can also perform at drinks receptions, buffets, festivals etc.

Is Booking A Team More Work For Me?

I take all the stress out of booking a team of magicians. I will be the main point of contact, select the magicians, get them to sign contracts, ensure PLI is sorted and manage the magic team on the night. All it takes is a phone call with me and I can sort everything for you.

How Do I Know They Are Good?

I know loads of professional magicians, and when I put a team together I always fill it with people who I know will do an amazing job. Magicians I use are invariably members of The Magic Circle, but more importantly they are people I have worked with before who I know will impact your event.

How Many Magicians Do I Need?

The answer to that question depends on how long your event lasts and how many people are attending. Since every event is different it is best discussed in a phone call with me. As a general guide, over a 2-hour 3 course meal a single magician can usually cover 8-10 tables. So if you have 30 tables you need 3-4 magicians.

What About VIPs?

There are often VIP managers and clients who you will really want to make a big impression on at your event. If it's a drinks reception you can always point these people out to the magician who will then go over and astound them. At meals it is also common for the bookers to give me a list of VIP tables who the magicians will give a little more time to.

Can You Prove It Works?

Indeed I can. Below is a video showcasing me performing magic at different events, the reactions of the guests speak for themselves.

If you have an upcoming event then I would LOVE to put a team together and supply the magic entertainment for you. To request a quote please click here.

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