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Expo Magician

What My Clients Say

The above video shows reviews from some of my trade show clients. These clients have used me multiple times at venues such as The NEC, ExCel London, Olympia London, RICOH Arena and Manchester Central.

Magic will make the show more fun for your potential leads - and most importantly once leads have seen magic performed they will then be very receptive to having a conversation about your products and services.

So what now? I love to meet potential clients first so I can fully understand their needs. So invite me to your office for a consultation, you will see some free magic and we can discuss how I can help you achieve your goals.

The Secret To ROI

Usually achieving KPIs and maximising ROI at trade shows requires more than just a stand presence, there needs to be a reason for people to stop at your stand and engage. Not only that, these people need to be the right people.

That is where I come in. My previous career as a marketing manager, combined with the magic, enables me to increase engagement by 20%-60% (assuming there is at least a half decent footfall).

My approach is very simple - throughout the show I engage people, win them over, qualify them and then connect them with your sales team. More conversations with qualified leads means more potential sales.

“Stephen's ability to bring in customers is outstanding. I don't think we've been as busy before as we have the last 3 days.”

- Orbis

What I Do

Engage People

I become a member of your team for the duration of the show and use magic to stop people who walk past your stand. Most people I engage with will be shown around 1-5 minutes of magic. It is a quick turnaround process to ensure I can engage with as many prospects as possible.

Qualify Them

Once I have won the person/group over using magic (you will be surprised how quickly I can do this) I will then qualify them to make sure they are a potential customer. I will learn about your target audience so I can streamline the qualification process to quickly identify potential leads.

Introduce Them

For the people who qualify as leads, I will introduce them to a member of your sales team for a chat or product demonstration. The prospects I introduce will have been warmed-up by me, so your sales team will be given leads who are open and willing to have a conversation about your products and services.

Expo Reviews