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Magician Prices Breakdown

Posted By: Stephen James

When it comes to picking a close up magician for your event, there are lots of different prices categories. Here is a breakdown of the different prices magicians usually charge and some thoughts to help you pick the one that will give you the best value for your hard earned cash.

The Bargain Basement Magicians: £200-£300 For 2 Hours

The cheapest magician you can find will probably do two hours for £200-£300. The fact the price is so low for these guys should set off a few alarm bells! I would hazard a guess that around 80% of the time a magician this cheap is NOT at a pro standard yet. Although, there is still the 20% who are amazing but have quoted a low price for some other reason. Tread carefully in this price category!

Average Priced Magicians: £400-£600 For 2 Hours

Most magicians will charge an average of £400-£600 for two hours. Some of these magicians will be part timers and some will be full time pros. Within this range there are some very terrible and very amazing magicians.

Elite Magicians: £800+ For 2 Hours

At the higher end of the market magicians will charge £800+ for 2 hours. Some magicians in this price bracket may provide other additional services that other magicians don't (singing, stage shows, toastmaster etc) making it better value. Others (like me) sit in this price bracket because we are in very high demand and can only do so many gigs per year so cost more, they should have a huge amount of online proof (reviews, videos etc) that they are amazing and will be one of the highlights of your event

These Generalisations Are Limited

The problem with these figures is that every price given has different considerations. Some magicians will change prices depending on driving distance, the time of year and their personal cash flow at the time. As an example, I will be way more likely to do a much lower price on a Wednesday in January than a peak season Saturday in July, if you are an event company offering lots of repeat work the price will also be lower. I am sure there a bad, average and amazing magicians in all price categories and you just need to make sure you are booking one of the great ones.

Realise The True Value

It is very easy to look at price as the only factor when booking a magician. But the most important thing is value. Think about the last wedding or event you attended, you probably can't remember each course or the table decorations. But you will remember if something went wrong or if something was amazing. When I perform the hosts often get multiple guests coming up to them and saying how the magic blew them away. It is worth paying a little bit more to have this rather than a magician that won't impact people, or worse having guests talking about how bad the magic was.

How To Decide

Picking a magician is like picking a band, every person will have an idea of the style and quality that they want at their event. When picking a magician the best thing you can do is watch the magician perform, you would not pick a band without hearing them play, so don't book a magician without seeing them perform. If you can't see them perform then look for online proof (videos, photos, reviews) that they provide a great experience.

If you have not found the right magician yet, I would love to be part of your event. To request a quote please click here.

Good luck!

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