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How To Become A Magician

Posted By: Stephen James

People often feel they are in a catch-22 situation when they want to learn magic. Magicians are not supposed to reveal their secrets, but how is a newbie supposed to learn?

So where do you start? Here are 4 places you can learn magic:

1) Books & DVDs

There are literally tens of thousands of books and DVDs you can order online that will teach you magic tricks. A beginners DVD on card magic is always a good place to start (anything by Michael Ammar is worth checking out).

2) Magic Shops

Jump onto Google and you should be able to find a magic shop near you. When you walk in the staff will happily give advice on where to start and demo tricks that you can buy. Watch out for them trying to sell you equipment (props) that do one trick, this is great if it is a trick you love - but bear in mind you can often buy DVDs that teach 8-10 tricks for much less than buying a piece of equipment that does one.

3) Magic Clubs

Jumping onto Google will also reveal that there are lots of local magic clubs. They usually meet once a week, and most will allow you to pay a small amount to visit for an evening. When they meet there are usually lectures teaching magic and you get to meet other magicians who will be (VERY) eager to show the latest trick they are working on. A word of warning, some magic clubs are great and some are like retirement homes, so shop around.

4) Other Magicians

If you know other magicians they will happily share information for the level you are at. If you are a beginner they should direct you to where they can learn the basics and fundamentals. If you can do some basic tricks they will direct you to where you can do some more advanced tricks. If you are obviously fully immersed and serious about magic then you are also a magician - so other magicians will share more secrets you.

Have fun becoming a wizard!!

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