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4 Reasons To Book Wedding Magic

Posted By: Stephen James

Are you still considering what you can add to your wedding day to make it even more amazing for your guests? Here are the 4 main reasons you should consider having a magician at your wedding.

1) Getting People Excited

The best thing about being a magician is walking up to a group of people and getting them excited. Walking around a drinks reception I see everyone perk up as I tell them which word they're thinking of, turn lottery tickets into cash before their eyes or surprise them with smoke and fire. When I'm table hopping people often get excited that I will be at their table soon, since they have heard cheers and excitement from previous tables I have performed at.

2) Filling In The Gaps

At weddings there are often gaps in the day. This can be when photos are being taken, whilst waiting for food or even at the wedding party later on. There are also gaps at events where you may not expect them, for example it may be the band or DJ's slot but there might be guests who don't want to strut their stuff on the dance floor, preferring to 'hide' in the seating area. As a magician I walk around and fill in these gaps so they become part of the highlight of your day that people remember, ensuring everyone is entertained.

3) Breaking The Ice

So, your guests have sat down for a meal and they are going through the motions of small talk, it is definitely time for a magician to come and break the ice! This brings the group on each table together as they all experience the magic together, and after I have performed they usually go beyond small talk to discussing theories on how I pushed their wine bottle through the table, or how their ring vanished from my hand into a sealed envelope in my wallet.

4) Photos & Videos

If you are hoping to capture good footage or photos for memories I can help with this as well, providing your photographer or videographer with lots of opportunities to catch guests laughing and interacting as magic is performed to them.

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