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Privacy Notice

Last Updated: 26th August 2018

4 Key Points

1) Your data will ONLY be used in relation to Stephen promoting/providing his services and running his magic business. He will not pass your personal data onto third parties with the exception of services he uses to enable him to promote/provide his services AND when referring your gig to another magician who can do your event when he is unavailable.
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2) Stephen will only send you marketing if you have consented to this, or if you are a business he is contacting speculatively about specific events. You have the right to opt-out of receiving marketing or objecting to the use of your data at any time.
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3) Stephen has provided a summary of the information he holds, the legal basis for holding it and how long he holds it for.
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4) If you have any concerns or requests regarding your data you can contact Stephen on or 07512 322 673.

More Details

1. Data Contact & Controller

Your data is stored and controlled by Stephen James, who is self employed and trading as Magician Stephen James. For queries or requests about your data please contact him on or 07512 322 673.

2. Your Rights

You have the legal right to: withdraw consent for use of your data, be informed about how your data is used, access copies of your data (including in importable file formats), request data is made available to a third party, request inaccurate/incomplete data about you be corrected, and request that data held about you is deleted.

In addition to the above rights, you also have the right to object to the use the your personal data and request that it is no longer used.

You can unsubscribe from Stephen’s e-mailing list at any time. If you do not request a quote, have a placed booking or renew your consent within a 8 year period you will be automatically unsubscribed unless you click on an opt-in link sent to you. If you are a business that has received a speculative email you can request to be added to the Do-Not-Mail list.

If you wish to exercise any rights above please email or call Stephen. You also have the right to make a complaint to the ICO if you feel your data has been unlawfully used.

3. Sharing Your Data

Stephen will NOT share your data with any third party with the exception of the following:

3.1 Referrals
If your request a quote for (or ask for a booking) on a date Stephen is unavailable he may refer the event and contact details onto another magician who is able cover it. You will always be informed if you have been referred on. Magicians Stephen refers gigs to include Alexander James, Francis Moore, Marc Lavelle, Neil Edwards, Nick Reade, Pete James and Rob Sharp.

3.2 Third Party Service Providers
Stephen may store data about you on the following third party services to enable him to promote and provide services to you. These companies may hold data on servers outside the EU, click on the name of each company to see their separate privacy policies:
- 123-Reg: Server holding Stephen’s main database
- ClockworkSMS/Mediaburst: Service used to send automated SMS messages to you
- Facebook & Twitter: Platforms where Stephen posts photos, videos, reviews and can communicate with you
- Google: G Suite for emails, data/file storage, video hosting (YouTube) and office software
- iZettle: Service used to take card payments on the spot
- Send Grid: Service used for automated and bulk email sending

3.3 Cookie On Your Device
Stephen’s website may store a cookie on your device (computer, smartphone etc) containing a random set of numbers/letters. This cookie does not contain any information beyond that, but it allows his website to identify you and display quotes you have been sent. This cookie also allows Stephen to track and measure the bookings he receives from different marketing activities.

4. Data Held

This section details the data Stephen may hold on you, the legal basis for holding it and when the data is deleted.

NOTE: The deletion times below are when Stephen will remove data from his main database (after which it takes 1-2 years to be removed from internal backups) and G Suite email folders. Third parties in 3.2 will keep/remove data in line with their privacy policies.

4.1 Quotes And Bookings
LEGAL BASIS: “Contract” & "Legal"
DELETED: Within 11 full tax years of event date

Data (including business/contact details) related to your quotes, bookings, invoices and payments will be stored to enable Stephen to provide his services, keep tax records legally required by HMRC and measure business success. When placing a booking the requested info relating to the event must be supplied for the booking to go ahead.

4.2 Referrals & Subcontracts
LEGAL BASIS: “Contract” & “Legitimate Interest”
DELETED: Within 11 full tax years of event date

To enable referring and subcontracting bookings to other magicians, the end customers and other magicians data such as: business/contact details, invoices, transactions, event details, contracts and the referral info may be stored. This is done for the "legitimate business interest" or referring work and to fulfill the “contracts” between other magicians and/or the end customer.

4.3 Emails & SMS
LEGAL BASIS: “Legitimate Interest”
DELETED: Within 3 years of sending/receiving

Records relating to emails and SMS message sent between you and Stephen (ad-hoc or in marketing) will be stored. This is for the legitimate business interests of communicating with customers, approaching new clients and of documenting communications for future reference. Emails Stephen stores may also contain other data detailed in 4.1-4.9 as info from systems is if often relayed by email.

4.4 Marketing Info
LEGAL BASIS: “Consent”
DELETED: When NOT subscribed to e-mailing list AND there is no quotes, bookings or referrals data stored

To enable Stephen to market his services to you, info (including business/contact details) related to marketing Stephen has/will send to you are stored if you are (or have) been subscribed to Stephen’s e-mailing list.

4.5 How Stephen Came Into Contact With You
LEGAL BASIS: “Legitimate Interest”
DELETED: When NOT subscribed to e-mailing list AND there is no quotes, bookings or referrals data stored

For the legitimate business interest to track success of marketing activities, Stephen will keep logs on how he connected with you. This may be obtained through links you click on, forms you fill in and info you supply.

4.6 Supplier Transactions
DELETED: Within 11 full tax years of transaction date

Records of transactions with suppliers will be kept as these are legally required by HMRC. Expenditura date may also be used for assessing the business and financial reporting.

4.7 Reviews
LEGAL BASIS: “Legitimate Interest”
DELETED: Upon Request

If you leave a review Stephen will hold the data (name, company, review, image, event type and date left) which appears in the published review on his website and on social media for the legitimate interest of promoting his business. This is kept separately from the data detailed in 4.1-4.6.

4.8 Consent Information & Do-Not-Mail List
LEGAL BASIS: “Legal Obligation”
DELETED: Data held indefinitely for legal reasons

Logs (including your email) will be kept when you give consent to receive, or, request not to receive email marketing. Email addresses may also be added to a master do-not-mail list. This data is kept separately from the data detailed in 4.1-4.6.

4.9 Performance Photos/Footage
LEGAL BASIS: “Legitimate Interest”
DELETED: Upon request

Stephen stores photos and footage of him and the audiences he performs to. This may be used in both online and in print for the legitimate business interest of marketing his services. This is kept separate from the data detailed in 4.1-4.6.

Stephen may make updates to this privacy policy from time-to-time and a link to the latest version will always be available on the footer of his website.

Thank you!
Stephen James Magic