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Party Magician

Watch Me In Action

The above video shows guests reacting to my magic. When I perform it is common to overhear guests cheering, laughing and sometimes screaming (in a good way) because of the magical experience they are having.

The magic I perform is very interactive and involves the guests having fun interacting with me. They will experience impossible things happen involving mind reading, cards, fire, money, sleight of hand, objects vanishing, solid objects passing through each other and mentalism.

Why Book Me?

Do you ever see a magician on TV performing and wonder how cool it would be if one turned up at your party and started walking around and performing astonishing magic to the different groups in the room?

That is exactly what I can do at Christmas parties, family gatherings, celebratory meals, BBQs and any kind of party. Your guests will be left astonished, amazed and talking about the magical experience they just had. This ensures your party is remembered and enjoyed by all.

“He set our party alight with his quickfire blend of charisma and jaw dropping slight of hand magic. He really got the party started!”

- Mike Ashton

When I Perform


One my favourite types of magic is table hopping, this involves performing to your seated guests at a meal in between the food being served. It is a great way to break the ice between the guests and fills the gaps between courses with loud cheers and astonishment.

Mix & Mingle

Perfect for any party or gathering where people are mingling. I walk to the groups as they are socialising and perform interactive magic to them. This really lifts the atmosphere in the room by getting everyone laughing, cheering and discussing the magic they have seen.

“Very entertaining tricks delivered with a relaxed friendly demeanour which sets him apart.”

- Mark Egan

Party Photos

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Party Reviews

Charlotte Ross

Charlotte Ross

I hired Stephen for my partners 30th birthday party. We had previously experienced Stephen's magic beforehand, and once again he very much delivered, amazing magic and fun!

Pauline Pain

Pauline Pain

Stephen entertained a group of 75 relatives and friends at our Diamond Wedding Anniversary party. We were all amazed at his skill as a magician and he certainly kept us amused. Thank you Stephen.

Angela Foster

Angela Foster

I hired Stephen for my birthday party last Saturday and I was not disappointed. Stephen was so entertaining and my guests were flabbergasted with his magic. I would recommend Stephen.

Lucy Hartopp

Lucy Hartopp

Stephen performed at my 50th birthday party. He made the evening! My guests were completely wowed by him! So so talented and a lovely personality to have in the crowd. Will definitely invite again 👏👏👏

Lisa Bibby-Larsen

Lisa Bibby-Larsen / Kardelicious

My daughter's 18th was amazing and Stephen James definitely added the WOW to the evening. I had people coming to me all night saying how amazing he was - thanks Stephen!

Ed Arulanandam

Ed Arulanandam

Stephen performed at my sister's graduation party. It was a large family gathering at my home and he effortlessly mingled with the guests as well as giving a pretty breathtaking performance!


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